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Class Descriptions

Baby & Me  Classes - A weekly class for baby and  parent/caregiver.  Great class to meet other parents/caregivers!  Come learn a variety of ways to play with your little one!  Babies are exposed to sensory play, songs, and the beginnings of social play!  We will also incorporate low impact exercise for the parent/caregiver and baby into the class!

Let's Dance & Play - A fun class of dancing, singing, crafts & free play with a weekly theme for your little one!  While you enjoy some time to yourself!  Class is offered a few times a week.  Class is 2.5hrs with an option to add on Lunch Bunch for another hour!

Discover Dance with Me-  This Child & Me movement class e
xplores monthly themes to develop children's natural movement ability in a multi-sensory environment. This class is part of our Discover Dance program. The Discover Dance Early Childhood Program is a series of movement classes designed to introduce children to the creative and expressive world of dance. Music, movement, visuals, and props will enhance your dancer’s love of the art form and the unique conceptual approach to dance education will provide the opportunity for cognitive growth. A perfect introduction to dance class!


Ready Set Dance -  A movement class for children who are ready to dance without a parent.   We will develop muscle strength, control and balance and achieve coordination milestones like skipping and sequencing.  We will have fun on the parachute, being super heroes and balancing a beanbag and much more!   These resources support tactile awareness and strengthen fine motor coordination and control.

Preschool Acro Dance – A fun way to explore dance & acrobatics, prepares dancers for mixing dance and tumbling!  Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of tumbling in a multi-sensory, age appropriate environment. You can expect to find skills like: Pike Position, Skipping, Marching, Pre Cartwheel, Plié, Tendu, etc. The focus of this program includes learning the acro positions, locomotive skills (jumping, hoping, etc), balance skills, classroom behavior skills, movement concepts, cooperation and social skills.

Tap/Ballet - During this combination class dancers will have fun learning different steps and routines in Tap & Ballet. 

Tap/Ballet /Jazz-  During this combination class dancers will have fun learning different steps and routines in Tap, Ballet & Jazz.   

Kids Cardio Dance Exercise - Join the dance party!  This high energy class for boys and girls will get them moving with easy-to-follow moves combining fast and slow rhythms!  Many different types of dance & exercise will be incorporated into the class including the use of props.

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